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Thank you for visiting the web site of the entrepreneurs mentor, Mike Foster, a mentor, speaker, author and trainer.

Are you an Entrepreneur? Someone who sets up a business or businesses, taking on risks and responsible for its success or failure.  

Do you want to start or grow a business, but do not have the time or the knowledge and expertise in all areas to make it happen? 

Our business is to help, mentor and support entrepreneurs, like you, to start up, develop and grow their business. We support you to MAKE IT WORK, for you, your team and to the expectation of your ideal client.

We work with you on the simple stuff that gets the results and helps you create a strong foundation from which to achieve the success you desire.

Please read more about how we can support you or please click here to contact us and let's discuss how we can make a difference.

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Mike Foster, The Entrepreneurs Mentor

Who we help

Are you thinking of starting a business
Like Richard who had worked for the same employer for 6 years, but wanted a better work life balance and control. Richard is technically competent, but wants to be sure that it is the right decision and understand how to start a business effectively.

You have decided to start a business
Like Sally who's now made the big decision, but although can offer the product or service is unsure she has the skills for all areas of her business. She is nervous, wants to build confidence and ensure she has considered all matters, whilst understanding how to build a business and find her customers.

You have a business you want to grow
Like Nicky who has ran a business for a couple of years, but wants more clients and perhaps a team to help her. However she is not sure how to make this happen from where she is now.

Or like Graham who has an established business, a team of people, but wants to generate more new business leads.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?
If so, then we can help you to start or grow your business. Please call us for a no obligation conversation. 

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