Business Development Programme


My turn key business development programme is designed to help you create the business that works like clockwork.

You only need to complete the programme once, but you will then have all the tools and knowledge to repeat the step process again and again, each time continually making improvements and moving step by step towards the business you desire.

Much like a jigsaw, our Clockwork Business Development Programme looks at the individual pieces of your business with the big picture in mind.

The programme is delivered either on a one to one basis, personalised to your business, giving you an action plan to make it happen by considering the high pay off activities that you need to implement.

I work with entrepreneurs to help them create the strong foundations from which to develop a business or to grow.

The programme is like having a personal trainer for your health. You would not book a one off session with a personal trainer and get the desired results, but a commitment to a programme, that creates great habits, gets the results you desire.

We work together to explore every area of your business and establish the high pay off activities to make it work for you, your team and to the expectation of your ideal customer.

Our programme covers 10 key areas of your business, all in one programme, including:

1. Know and analyse your starting point

2. Making the time for your priorities

3. Your mission, vision, goals and objectives

4. Know your ideal customers

5. Positioning your business

6. Your marketing tactics

7. How to win more customers

8. Make your numbers work

9. Maximise your people investment

10. Making your business work like clockwork

Please contact me today and let's discuss how I can help you.

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