“Step Change” Mastermind

Group Mentoring Programme for Entrepreneurs 

Would you benefit from a blend of mentoring and peer group learning?


What is the step change you want or need to make?


Running a business is sometimes lonely. 
Who provides you with support and an alternative perspective to help your key decision making?


Like many of my clients, it is likely that you would like to spend more time effectively working 'on' your business rather than 'in' it and would like to work with proven methods rather than reinventing the wheel.

Give yourself that proactive time and explore the possibilities for you and your business.

Join the latest cohort for my
‘Step Change’ Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs

My mastermind groups bring together like-minded entrepreneurs to proactively work ‘on’ their business each month.


Together we will work on all areas of your business, step by step. Much like a jigsaw, we will explore the different elements of your business to establish your strategy and direction for the year ahead.


My mastermind groups are for small groups of 8-12 non-competing business owners and entrepreneurs (min 6) who are at a similar stage of business or are working towards similar goals.

What’s the difference to my one to one mentoring?

With my one to one mentoring, the content is very personal and bespoke to the business and individual/s that I am working with. In the group setting, the content is more structured like a workshop, but you also benefit from the experiences and contributions of others in the cohort.

Why groups?

I have limited availability for one to one mentoring, so my mastermind groups allow me to support a wider group of entrepreneurs looking to develop their business. However, I only run a few groups each year, so this is a unique opportunity to join me for the next cohort that will start soon for a period of 6 months (see below).

What's included:

  • 6 x peer group sessions (one per month, each of 3 hours)

  • All refreshments including a networking buffet lunch to finish

  • Copies of all tools referenced, enabling you to repeat for yourself in the future.

  • Interim 1:1 telephone call of 15 mins for the personalisation to your business

  • A private Facebook group for the cohort to share further information or to ask your questions to me and fellow group members, helping you to develop your thoughts or implementation plan between the sessions.

  • Free access to any of my workshops or webinars during the 6 months.

  • A free place on my Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in the Summer (excluding overnight acconodation cost)

  • Copies of my ebooks: “51 more proactive marketing activities to win more customers” and “21 tips for Entrepreneurial success”

  • Priority to my waiting list for any future 1:1 mentoring

To secure your place, please click here to book

The content is to include (subject to change and personalisation to the cohort):

Across the six sessions we will cover the key areas that have made a step change for the businesses that I have worked with in the past, including:

  • Where are you now? What is your starting point?

  • Knowing what you really want and your true motivation

  • Effectively planning how to achieve your goals with high pay off activities

  • Managing your time to focus on your priorities

  • Defining your market opportunity by knowing your ideal client, niche and expertise

  • Positioning your business by developing your offering in the eyes of your prospective clients

  • Winning more clients with the tactics to effectively promote your business

  • Understanding the real numbers that make your business work

  • Embracing software and technology at a time of change

  • Systemising your processes to create habits that help you run your business like clockwork

  • Identifying whether an employee or a subcontractor is right for you 

  • Considering the ideal support and hires for your business

  • Breakdown your vision to create a 90 day action plan to kickstart your future

Location: Oxfordshire (to be chosen central to those attending)

Dates: The 4th Friday of each month from Friday 27th March to 28th August (subject to change)

Timing: 9am to 12pm (with a buffet lunch to finish)

Limited number of places

Make it happen.

Join me for this latest Step Change Mastermind Group and commit to a programme that creates great habits to help you get the results you desire and your hard work deserves.

To secure your place, please click here to book

"As I solely own the business, working with Mike has given me the support that I was missing and which I did not realise I needed until he started to identify various ways we could operate our business more effectively. We have never looked back".

" My business would not be where it is today without his support and guidance getting me to see the wood through the trees and getting me to commit to myself what I need to do, why and when."

"He’s supported me from when I first became an employer to where my business is now and how proud I am of my great team. He likes to play devil's advocate now and again and can always see a positive"

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