An experienced, personal mentor combining proven tools and systems with accountability, motivation and guidance.

Who holds you to account? Who helps you make better-informed business decisions? Who helps deliver new innovative ideas? Who challenges you? Who keeps you on track for growth and success?


I support business owners like you to help them start up or scale up with the foundation and strategy for growth.

Not one approach suits all. It is all about your goals and objectives, so all my programmes are personalised to you and the business.  

Could Mentoring help you develop your business? 

Please contact me to hear how I believe I can support you

"I was at a crossroads. Since that time he has been my rock - always there to listen and encourage, providing a voice of reason, throwing me questions that I had not considered, asking me those difficult questions I do not want to ask myself, ensuring I consider as much as possible in the decision making process. My business would not be where it is today without his support and guidance getting me to see the wood through the trees and getting me to commit to myself what I need to do, why and when. Then keeping me focussed on what needs to be done at times when I feel overwhelmed with the amount to do - working with him also makes sure I actually take the time out to work on the business taking it where I want it to go rather than just getting by working in it."

I support you on your journey, help you tweak the way you work and how you approach your business, to help you create great profits by working with your ideal customers and an engaged team.

I am a business mentor, who has ran my own businesses and advised many more in various advisory roles.

Ways we could work together:

One-to-one mentoring

Working together on a one-to-one basis, preferably face to face, or by telephone or Skype.

You can choose the best approach to suit you and your budget. 

I only work with a limited number of non-competing, business owners at the same time, to ensure I can provide my best attention and commitment to all my clients.

Please contact me to establish my availability and hear how my mentoring works

Group mentoring

Subject to availability, you can join other like minded entrepreneurs in group sessions delivered either face to face or through conference call webinars.

These sessions, for peer groups up to 12 people, still work on the development of your business, but on a group basis instead of providing you solely with my undivided attention. 

A group mentoring programme will usually last a minimum of six months with a more structured content.

Join my next cohort

More here about my Mastermind Group Mentoring Programme.

"I engaged with Mike to enable him to 'kick my butt' if I didn't do the actions that we had agreed would make my business better. This could be anything from performance reviews with staff to making sure we were up to date with our own invoicing over busy periods. He’s supported me from when I first became an employer to where my business is now and how proud I am of my great team. He likes to play devil's advocate now and again and can always see a positive when some days I can't!  If you are looking for a mentor for your business I would highly recommend Mike"

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