"Clockwork" Business Development Programme (Online)

Are you looking to create great habits in your business?
Not just doing something once because it was a good idea at the time, or the latest thing you read.
What impact would it make in your business, if you identified what really needs to be done and you were just completing those activities without even thinking about it?
How will you develop the business you desire and deserve? What activity do you need to focus upon to make your business just work? How will you attract the right customers, charge the prices you deserve and deliver the work in the most efficient manner?
Would you be happier, making more money with less effort?


Join me for this series of webinars to help you develop your business.​ Click here to book

I work with entrepreneurs to help them create the strong foundations from which to develop their business, generate new customers and achieve the business their hard work deserves. 

This programme is like having a personal trainer for your health. You would not book a one off session with a personal trainer and just hope to get the desired results, but a commitment to a programme, that creates great habits, gets the results you desire.

Much like a jigsaw, the Clockwork Business Development Programme looks at the individual pieces of your business with the big picture in mind.
This business development programme is designed to help you create the turn key business that just works like clockwork.

You will only need to complete this programme once. I will provide you will tools and knowledge to repeat the required steps again and again, each time continually making improvements and taking strides towards the business you desire.

The programme is delivered online via a series of 12 webinars.

Together we will cover the key areas of your business, combine those elements to build your effective business strategy and give you an action plan to make it happen by considering the high pay off activities that you need to implement.

The titles of those webinars are:

  1. The Big Picture - your vision

  2. Your One Page Business Plan

  3. Managing your time

  4. Making the numbers work

  5. Forecasting for success

  6. Strategic Marketing, Pricing and your Proposition

  7. Marketing Tactics to attract new clients

  8. Seven systemised steps to grow

  9. Systemising your business

  10. Making the most of your sales opportunities

  11. Developing your team

  12. Your plan for creating action

By joining the programme, you will also have access to a private members Facebook group, where I will be on hand to answer any questions, and access to recordings of the live webinar, in case you were unable to join us.

As a result of joining this programme you will receive the proven practical tools you need to develop, improve and grow your own business.

Upon implementation, you will find more time, make more profit and have more cash at your disposal to make the choices you desire.

The next programme series starts soon, please click here to secure your place or contact me today

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